Apron woven pre 1950s, Velusina, Bitola

Lent by Spasija Naumovska

Spasija's mother-in-law, Ristana Busevska wove this apron in the village of Velusina. The clear, even pattern shows that Ristana had an even rhythm when weaving. Designed to be worn for special occasions, the apron has a complex weave structure of red and black with a diamond motif.

Height: 61.5 cm, width: 46.5 cm, loom width: 33.5 cm; Cotton warp, woollen weft.

Apron woven pre 1950s, Velusina, Bitola Apron woven 1948, Velusina, Bitola Apron woven 1940s, Velusina, Bitola Apron woven 1940s,Velusina, Bitola