MHC Forum 1999

1999 MHC Forum

Project title:

Our Diversity - Our Heritage: Partnerships for Migration Heritage Forum

When did it take place?

October 1999

Where did it take place?

Australian Technology Park, Redfern, Sydney with participants from across NSW.

Who was involved?

Curators, community workers, writers, academics, historians, project coordinators, community elders, youth representatives and MHC.

What happened? (Project description)

This one-day event announced the MHC's objectives of establishing links, networks and consultation with communities and community organisations.

The forum provided an important opportunity for representatives from ethnic communities, government agencies and cultural institutions to meet and workshop ideas with the common aim of exploring ways to promote our cultural heritage.

What was achieved? (project outcomes)

The Forum was an occasion for people to come together to share their experiences and pool their expertise and knowledge.

A series of papers commissioned by the MHC were presented at the forum and offered valuable perspectives and useful examples on how communities, cultural organisations and government agencies can work together. These papers are available on the website.

Contact for further information

Bruce Robinson,
Director, Migration Heritage Centre
Premier's Department
Level 32, Governor Macquarie Tower
GPO Box 5341

Tel: (02) 9228 3439
Fax: (02) 9228 3277

Project summary

The Forum 'Our Diversity - Our Heritage: Partnerships for Migration Heritage' explored ways to strengthen communication and establish networks between communities and cultural organisations. New perspectives, strategies and useful examples were showcased, providing valuable approaches for promoting migration heritage and cultural diversity.