Strategic Plan

Our Purpose – our reason for being:

•  To identify, record, preserve and interpret the heritage of migration in New South Wales.

Our driving force – the focus of our decision making and priority setting:

•  The people of New South Wales as the custodians of migration heritage.

Our value focus – the primary values we want to deliver to our stakeholders are:

•  equity, accountability, care and rigour in identifying, recording, preserving and interpreting migration heritage; and •  flexibility – the capacity to provide leadership and be responsive to community and other stakeholders’ needs.

Operational focus – the way we operate to deliver value:

•  We will develop and maintain a collaborative network of partners in community, government, educational and cultural organisations to optimise and share ideas, skills, resources, audience and influence and in turn, reduce duplication. •  Our programs will have enduring benefits for the people of New South Wales and their families ensuring that culturally significant collections, places and associated histories are recorded and preserved for future generations.

We will be known among our stakeholders as:

•  Partners in identifying, recording, preserving and interpreting migration heritage.

•  Innovators in working closely with communities, while promoting rigorous heritage methods.

•  Educators supporting and motivating communities to safeguard their migration heritage.

•  A gateway to learn about the State’s migration heritage through people, places, collections and associated histories.

Our Vision:

To give new perspectives on Australian history and ensure a more representative heritage is preserved for future generations and to validate experiences and challenge myths and prejudices.

Strategic themes – main areas of focus:

•  Surveying the migration heritage collections of museums, communities and families across New South Wales, in particular those in rural and regional areas.

•  Recording the heritage of ageing migrants.

•  Interpreting migration heritage places and collections and ensuring the accessibility of migration heritage material and information.

•  Promoting and using clear project assessment criteria to focus programs and ensure transparency and equity in decision making, and to be balanced and inclusive of small and large community groups.

•  Encouraging State cultural and heritage institutions to include migration heritage in their core activities and programming.

Key Result Areas (KRA):

1. Heritage places and collections are surveyed and documented through community participation in regional thematic studies and significance assessment workshops.

2. The heritage of ageing migrants is recorded.

3. Migration heritage is interpreted so that the public can access places and collections across New South Wales to learn about the history of migration, including people’s experiences. Migration heritage material and information is available in a clear, engaging, culturally sensitive and informative manner.

4. A Centre highly regarded for its equity, accountability and transparency in decision making and its representation of small and large community groups.

5. Migration heritage is represented in the activities and programs of State cultural and heritage institutions.