What We Do

The NSW Migration Heritage Centre is a virtual immigration museum. Our website is a gateway to learn about the State’s migration heritage through community collections, family belongings, people’s memories and special places no matter where they are located in New South Wales.

The Centre identifies, records, preserves and interprets the heritage of migration and settlement in the State of New South Wales, Australia from 1788 to the present day.

Our programs have enduring benefits for the people of New South Wales and their families ensuring that culturally significant collections, places and associated histories are recorded and preserved for future generations.

We survey the migration heritage collections of museums, communities and families across New South Wales, in particular those in rural and regional areas and record the memories of ageing migrants. The Centre interprets migration heritage places and collections and encourages State cultural institutions to include migration heritage in their programming.

The Centre works in partnership with a broad network of community, government, educational and cultural organisations, including New South Wales’ cultural institutions to optimise and share ideas, skills, resources, audience and influence and in turn, reduce duplication.

We draw on the Powerhouse Museum’s curatorial and collection management expertise and experience in exhibition, education, promotion, public program and new media development to support our work. The Centre presents exhibitions in partnership with the Powerhouse Museum, and other New South Wales cultural institutions. We also present joint and shared exhibitions in collaboration with Local Governments. They are displayed in Western Sydney and rural and regional museums and libraries across New South Wales and centralised on our website.

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