Rich Rewards: Cultural Diversity and Heritage Practice
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Report on Stage 1

Ethnic Communities Consultation in Rural and Regional Centres Pilot Program

1. Executive Summary

1.1 The Project

The Ethnic Communities Consultation in Rural and Regional Centres Pilot Program was a project of the Migration Heritage Centre managed by the NSW Heritage Office. A consultant, Kate Rea undertook the program, over a fifteen-week period from August 1999.

1.2 Project Brief

The aim of the project was to develop a heritage identification model for use with ethnic communities. The project consisted of three workshops, in Albury, Broken Hill and Orange. The experience of the workshops was used to develop the model. The project brief identified two main features to be built into the consultation model. Firstly the consultation should generate awareness and develop skills among members of ethnic communities to identify, assess and protect their heritage from their own cultural perspectives. The creation of partnerships between ethnic communities and individuals and organisations that engage in heritage across the cultural network was a second feature.

1.3 The Report

The first section of the report covers the implementation of the workshops. It

1.4 The Model

Section two of the report describes the model. This has been written as a step by step guide that could be adopted by ethnic communities or heritage practitioners across cultural network. The model has three sections.

1.5 Section 3 Appendices

Includes detailed reports and contact lists for the three workshops.