From There To Here

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Who’s involved

Migration Heritage Centre
NSW Department of Education and Training
Association of Illawarra Community Language Schools Incorp.
Hunter Parents & Teachers Association of Community Languages Schools
Community languages schoolteachers, students and their families
Migrant communities

When and where

Project location:
Across NSW
Project status:
Ongoing project

Project description

From There to Here is a project of the NSW Community Languages Schools Program in the NSW Department for Education and Training and was launched in September 2002. Community Languages Schools have functioned successfully in NSW since the first migrants arrived in Australia. Through weekend and evening classes, students are able to study, value and practise the traditional languages of their homeland.

In this project, young people interview a grandparent, older family member or community elder in the language they are learning. The students then write stories on issues such as:

life in their homeland;

reasons for leaving their homeland to come to their new home, Australia;

settlement experiences;

views on what it means to live in Australia today; and

other current issues of importance.

These stories are written in a language other than English. Students are encouraged to accompany their stories with photographs and other visual aids. The stories – with versions in English – are collected on the MHC website.

What does the project achieve?

Greater exposure to the Community Languages Schools and their achievements.
Stronger links between Community Languages Schools and their communities.

A resource which will promote family stories and cultural heritage, operating in an ongoing and self-renewing manner.

From There to Here was winner of the Multicultural Heritage category at the 2003 Energy Australia National Trust (NSW) Heritage Awards.

Project contact

Len Ball – Education Officer
Community Language School Program, NSW Department of Education and Training

Phone 02 9266 8060
Fax 02 9266 8505


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