Fairfield – Evolution Of A Migrant City

A heritage study documenting how waves of migration have formed a diverse community in Fairfield with a shared identity and a sense of place. It is not well known that over 130 nationalities live in the Fairfield Local Government Area and over three quarters of all residents have overseas ancestry. Fairfield is one of the most culturally diverse areas in Australia.
‘Fairfield: Evolution Of A Migrant City’ was written by Dr Stephen Gapps for the NSW Migration Heritage Centre and Fairfield City Museum & Gallery as part of a thematic study.

The NSW Migration Heritage Centre’s  partnership books and exhibitions were launched before a large community gathering at the Fairfield City Museum & Gallery on 16 August 2008 – the book ‘Fairfield: Evolution Of A Migrant City’ by Dr Stephen Gapps MPHA, a travelling exhibition ‘Destination Australia: Ports of Immigration’ from the Immigration Museum, Museum Victoria, and Fairfield ‘Belongings’ a Fairfield City Museum & Gallery exhibition based on post-war migrants from the local area.

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