Buddha – Radiant Awakening

Who’s involved

Migration Heritage Centre (MHC); Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney (CCR); Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW) with community participation.

When and where

Project location: Greater Sydney
Project status: Current project
Date of completion: May 2004

Project description

In November 2001, the AGNSW staged a major exhibition of Buddhist art and culture, provisionally titled “Buddha: Radiant Awakening”. Drawing on the growing popularity of Buddhism in society, the AGNSW aimed to attract new audiences to the exhibition, including Asian migrant communities, New Age groups, and young people. One of the project’s objectives was to establish ongoing connections between the Gallery and these groups and their participation in focus groups, interviews and a community assessment panel.

What will the project achieve?

Through a detailed case study of the planning, preparation and public reception of the exhibition, the project explores strategies for attracting audiences from a range of social and cultural backgrounds into the space of the AGNSW. The project also examines the changing role of museums and galleries in a multicultural society, and ways of engaging broader audiences. The case study – based on the major exhibition – will become a shared resource for the cultural sector.

Project contact

Professor Ien Ang – Director
Centre for Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney

Phone 02 9685 9987
Fax 02 9685 9964

Email ccr@uws.edu.au

Building LZ Parramatta
PO Box 1797
Penrith South DC NSW 1797