25th anniversary of Vietnamese settlement

Who’s involved

Migration Heritage Centre
NSW Chapter of the Vietnamese Community in Australia
Diana Giese, Oral Historian
Members of the Vietnamese Australian community

When and where

Project location: Greater Sydney
Project status: Completed project
Date of completion: September 2001

Project description

In 2000, the Vietnamese Australian community celebrated the 25th anniversary of Vietnamese settlement in Australia. As part of this celebration, an oral history project was established to reflect on the community’s past, present and future, and to provide an opportunity for Vietnamese Australians to tell their own stories in their own words. Including themes such as adapting to a new country, building community links and creating new identities, the oral histories document people’s lives, and their professional, cultural and political achievements in Australia.

The project involved Vietnamese Australians from all walks of life, building an archive of experiences and sharing their skills as interviewers, interviewees, informants and transcribers. The project also enabled the community to assess their participation in, and contributions towards, Australian heritage and culture.

What has the project achieved?

The oral history project recorded the achievements of the community, provided an important community resource, and was an essential addition to the migration history of Australia. The project affirms the importance of creating and maintaining cultural heritage, while at the same time ensuring recognition of the enormous contributions Vietnamese Australians have made to the socio-economic, political and cultural life of Australia.

Have a look at a couple of the oral histories collected so far. They’re here on the website.

Project contact

Cuong Phu Le – Multicultural Arts Officer
Vietnamese Community in Australia – NSW Chapter Inc.

Phone 02 9727 5599/7599
Fax 02 9727 5276

Email vcansw@bigpond.net.au

PO Box 106