Ties With Tradition

Ties With Tradition features a vivid selection of Macedonian aprons, traditionally worn for special occasions and everyday use, and the stories of the women who made them. Also included are essays on the history of Macedonian migration to the Illawarra, the aprons research project and the craft of apron making.

This book is based on the 2010 National Trust Heritage Award winning research for the Macedonian Aprons: Hidden Treasure project by the Macedonian Welfare Association Inc., heritage consultant Meredith Walker, and the NSW Migration Heritage Centre.

The book includes research by Powerhouse Museum curators Lindie Ward and Rebecca Evans for the Ties With Tradition exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum for Sydney Design Week 2009 which was also supported by the NSW Migration Heritage Centre in collaboration with the Macedonian Welfare Association Inc.

Ties With Tradition can be purchased through Powerhouse Publishing.