Tune Into Fairfield City

From spiritual temples to a bustling commercial centre, from kitsch to classical, from ancient traditions to contemporary cultural development, this self-drive audio tour takes you to fascinating places in one of Australia’s most culturally diverse neighbourhoods.

The Tour was a NSW Migration Heritage Centre partnership with Fairfield City, University of Technology Sydney and the Institute For Cultural Research, University of Western Sydney.

The Fairfield City motto says to ‘celebrate diversity’, and that’s exactly what the cultural tour aims to do. Fairfield City has always been a destination for migrant and refugee communities wishing to make a home in Australia. The cultural tour takes the listener on a journey through these layers of migration history and heritage. Through visits to the many culturally significant sites and places of worship, the tour creates a greater understanding and appreciation of the different cultures and communities in the area.

In order to develop the tour, extensive consultation was undertaken with Fairfield City’s many communities.

The Tune In To Fairfield City: A Multicultural Driving Tour can be downloaded from the Fairfield City website.