Marianna and Mauristu Borg migrated to Australia in 1965

Contributed by Jasmine Callaghan. This story is part of a collection of stories from the Skola Maltija’s Maltese Migration Projects From Malta to Australia.

Interview by Jasmine Callaghan

Marianna and Mauristu Borg


1. Where did you live in Malta?

Nanna and Nannu lived in Gozo.

Nanna and Nannu Fejn kont toqghod Xaghra Gozo.

2. When did you leave Malta?

Nanna and Nannu came to Australia in 1965.

Nannu u Nannu meta tlaqt minn Malta 1965.

3.  How old were you when you left Malta?

Nanna was 18 and Nannu was 25 when they left Malta.

Nanna was 18 u Nannu was 25 meta tlaqt minn Malta.

4. Why did you migrate to Australia?

Nanna and Nannu came to Australia because they wanted a better life.

5. How did you travel here?

Nanna and Nannu came to Australia by plane.

Nanna u Nannu kif kien il-vjagg plane.

6. What was your first job in Australia?

Nannu worked for the water board

Nanna was a dress maker.

7. Is there anything else you would like to tell me?

Malta is very small and it is very nice.

But we love Australia as all of our family is here.