A New Life In Australia

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Author: Nguyen Thanh Vyen
Storyteller: Nguyen Thanh Vyen
Community Language School: Wollongong Vietnamese School
Main School: Towradgi Public School

The story of how my family came to Australia.

My family.

I live in Fairy Meadow, 2519. I live with my parents, my older sister Van, my older sister Hong and my younger sister Dung. We are Vietnamese; Australians born in Vietnam. There are 6 people in my family. My father’s name is Ca, 45 years old. He is a hard-working man, but has no qualifications. My mother’s name is Chin, 43 years old. Just like dad, she does labour work. My older sister Van, 14, is a student. Then, my older sister Hong, 10, she is a student too. My name is Uyen, and I am 8 years. My younger sister, who is six and a half, and I are both students.

My father came to Australia first. He escaped from the Vietcong. He was a student in 1975. Before the Communists invaded the south of Vietnam, he wished to become a mechanical engineer and liked to play volleyball, badminton and did weightlifting for a hobby. All his dreams were shattered on the 30th of April 1975. My dad escaped from Vietnam and started a new life in Australia in 1977. Although he lives in freedom, he still misses his country. Everything reminds him of the place and time he used to live in.

My dad is not happy in Australia but my mother is.