A New Start In Australia

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Author: Nguyen Phi Son
Storyteller: Nguyen Phi Son
Community Language School: Wollongong Vietnamese School
Main School: Berkeley Public School

We love to live in Australia.

Come and Meet My Family

Hello everyone! My name is Nguyen Phi Son and I am 11 years old. There are 5 people in my family: my father, my mother, my older brother Long, me(Son) and my younger brother Hung. I live in Berkeley 2506.

My father works for Smorgon Steel Mark Metal in Auburn, Sydney. My mother works for a clothing factory in Wollongong. Hung and I study at Berkeley Public School. I am in Year 6 and Hung is in Year 4.

Every Saturday morning we learn Vietnamese at Warrawong Public School. In this Vietnamese School I am in Year 5 and Hung is in Year 3. My older brother Long is a Wollongong University student. We love living in Australia.