Stories Of Migration To Wagga Wagga

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From All Four Corners – Stories Of Migration To Wagga Wagga is a Museum of the Riverina exhibition researched in partnership with the NSW Migration Heritage Centre that celebrates, explores and captures the personal stories of migrants coming to Wagga in New South Wales – both past and present, individual and group – who have helped make the culturally diverse city of today.

On this site, you can watch personal stories of migration journeys to Wagga Wagga from the 2008 Local Government Cultural Award winning From All Four Corners exhibition.

Since 1945, six million migrants have arrived in Australia, 600.000 of whom came on humanitarian programs. Many have had to cope with having existing skills unrecognised and a lack of capital and difficulty finding jobs. As well as suffering the terrible effects of war, torture and trauma, grief, loss and persecution – many have faced the challenges of adapting to new laws and customs, mastering English (and Australian idiom), adjusting to cultural differences, sometimes strange food and a very different landscape as well as separation from family, friends and everything that is familiar. Once dubbed ‘New Australians’, they also endured hostility, suspicion and discrimination.

And yet, they have settled successfully. They have married, had children, gone to school, studied, bought homes, found employment, set up businesses, formed clubs, established a social life, shared their customs, traditions and cooking, practised their religion, and became valued community members.

Through sharing just a few of the many personal stories of migration to Wagga Wagga. From All Four Corners explores the unique and diverse cultures that shape our community.