Mick Vella left Malta in 1960

Contributed by Matthew Said. This story is part of a collection of stories from the Skola Maltija’s Maltese Migration Projects From Malta to Australia.


I interviewed Nannu Mick Vella


Where did you live in Malta?

I lived in Santa Lucia, Kercem, Gozo.


Tell me about your life before coming to Australia?

I used to go to school which I didn’t like, then I would help my father in the farm, and sometimes I would seek outside work to earn some money.


When did you leave Malta?

I left Malta on the 21 st of December 1960.


How old were you when you left Malta?

18 years of age.


Why did you migrate to Australia?

I came to Australia as people use to tell me in Australia you earn a lot of money and the work is not too hard. Then when I came to Australia I couldn’t find work, so no wonder people would say you don’t work hard, as I couldn’t get a job.


How did you travel here?

I was OK but I didn’t realise that Australia was this far and in those days it took me five days to arrive in Australia by aeroplane.


Where did you live when you first arrived in Australia?

Toongabbie, New South Wales.


What were your first impressions on Australia?

I thought I shouldn’t have came here at all, firstly I couldn’t find work and I had no money in my hands, my thoughts were that I should have stayed in Malta.


What was your first job in Australia?

I used to work in a chicken factory picking eggs and feeding the chickens.

Is there any other experiences that you would like to tell me?

Yes, the other experience I have is that I have worked the farm and I drive a truck and tractor.


Grazzi hafna Nannu: thankyou


By Matthew Said