Australian Migration History

Objects through Time is a virtual museum – Winner 2009 National Trust Heritage Award  – that takes you on a journey. Objects speak to us about our past. Explore important chapters, places and events in Australian migration history and discover the people who have shaped Australia’s culture and society.

Across Australia museums, galleries and communities are custodians of important heritage collections. Objects though Time is researching and documenting the significance of these collections.

Uniquely, they tell us about people’s experiences and ways of life that has shaped Australia.

TIMELINE OF AUSTRALIAN MIGRATION HISTORY View Objects Through Time online exhibition

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  A Different Australia: Pre 1700 (201k)

Across Trackless Seas (158k)

Gold! (135k)

Federation (106k)

World War One (WW1) (184k)

Great Depression (243k)

World War Two (WW2) (70k)

Post War Migration (121k)

Colombo Plan (73k)

Asian Migration (121k)

Environment and Migration impacts (66k)

Objects Through Time – Australian Migration Timeline (66k)