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  LEAVING CAMBODIA  :stories of Sydney's Pol Pot survivors


Andrea Fernandes, NSW Migration Heritage Centre (MHC)

Executive producer
John Petersen, MHC

Project management, research, interview*, text, edit, filming*, photography*
Andrea Fernandes, MHC

Web design & production
Annette Loudon, MHC incorporating the Khmer Rouge Toons collection by Bunheang Ung and memorabilia owned by Buntha Nhem and Phiny Ung

With support from Sophie Daniel

Video editing
Linda Kruger and Jessica Tyrrell

* Thin Em was interviewed by Peter Cox, filmed by Kathleen Phillips, photography by Jean-Francois Lanzarone and Peter Cox, Powerhouse Museum (PHM) for The 80s are back exhibition

    With thanks to:

Dr Mina Roces, Associate Professor, School of History and Philosophy, University of New South Wales and Member, MHC Panel of Advisors

Jean-Francois Lanzarone and Rita Orsini, PHM


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Tune in to Fairfield City: a multicultural driving tour, NSW Migration Heritage Centre, NSW Premier’s Department and Fairfield City Council

The lives of millions of Cambodians were devastated by the totalitarian Khmer Rouge Pol Pot regime. For every two people who survived, one person perished. About 8,000 Pol Pot survivors now live in New South Wales, mainly in Sydney.

We would like to acknowledge the extraordinary courage and spirit of the six participants for sharing their memories and being filmed with their special keepsakes and photographs. We are grateful for their generous support of this project.

Thin Em

Sovan Goldstraw

Buntha Nhem

Lina Tjoeng

Phiny Ung

Theau Yorth

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