NSW Migration Heritage Centre
Pai Nai Ma
(Where have you been?)
Thai-Australian Experiences

Thai head dress

Thai ornamental head dress worn in traditional dance performances, courtesy Jeewana Dansawan, photograph Michaela Pollock.

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Pai Nai Ma

Pai Nai Ma: Thai Australian Experiences is a partnership between the Parramatta Heritage & Visitor Information Centre and the NSW Migration Heritage Centre. Both organisations seek to enhance public recognition of cultural diversity, including the heritage and legacy of migration and settlement.

The exhibition is about people of Thai background in NSW. It is based on research by former University of New South Wales student Ms ZoŽ Pollock for the NSW Migration Heritage Centre.

The Loy Krathong festival in November traditionally marks the end of the rainy season in Thailand. In Parramatta, members of the Thai community have been celebrating Loy Krathong since 1990. The festival celebrates Parramatta's culturally diverse community and sister city relationship with the Thai city of Phetchaburi.

We acknowledge the collaboration and support of NSW Thai communities, in particular the Thai Welfare Association and the Buddharangsee Thai Community Language School, and in addition those who generously shared their migration stories and loaned items.