Packing to Leave: Saris, Suits and Spices
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Khalid Sager arrived in Australia on 18th February 1995 from Qatar with his wife and seven children. He was born in Lahore, Pakistan and came seeking better educational opportunities for his children.

"When I compared Australia with other countries, I found [it] more peaceful, and although it was a secluded type of country, very far away from other countries, ... I like the way people live here."

"In my suitcase ... we did pack a few items which may not have commercial value ... but emotional values ... . [The] very special thing which I packed was my holy book because in the Islamic tradition, when a woman marries, she brings [it] with her as a dowry ... . That one has a very special value for me because my wife brought it. I still have that book with me."

"Sometimes I do realise that back in 1976 when I left Pakistan, I left my roots behind. ... Sometimes I feel as if we are away from our cultural values ... which are important to us, [but] may not be that much important in this country."

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