Packing to Leave: Saris, Suits and Spices
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Sid Varma arrived in Australia in 1983 from New Delhi, India to live with his daughter's family in retirement. Instead he established a successful business importing Indian products and at 97 years of age he continues to be involved with the business.

... what I got struck with was that this was a criminal's country but the people were so honest, so disciplined instead of something I anticipated from the history of Australia!"

"... the country was rich, agricultural wealth, mineral wealth, and the people were relatively very honest to deal with, so I was tempted to just migrate and be here."

"In Canberra I was feeling quite bored because my daughter and son-in-law were working late hours. I found that Australia had hardly any import of Asiatic food and Indian food. They did not even know what Basmati rice was! ... I thought I was able to do that better than most others ... and actually proved [that] to be right ..."

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