Packing to Leave: Saris, Suits and Spices
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Ranjana Pradhan arrived in Australia on 24 June 1999 from Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India to be with her son and his family. She is a highly acclaimed specialist of the jaltarang, a rare musical instrument of Indian origin, comprised of ceramic bowls tuned with water. Seldom do women play this instrument.

"My father said, 'don't learn what everyone else does ... choose something different'. Generally men played this instrument, the jaltarang ... that's why I chose this. I thought, ''let me try this one'."

"To bring [my jaltarang bowls] over here, I packed them in my hand luggage. The small ones went into the big ones, with several layers of towels. I kept the two carry bags under the seat as they were so precious."

"For a while I did feel lonely ... but then I started my music and I slowly adjusted myself. Because I was so immersed in my music, my life here has become that much more meaningful."

Voiceover: Rajalakshmi Ram

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