Moving: migration memories in modern Australia is a NSW Migration Heritage Centre project. The Centre would like to thank all contributors to Moving – your willingness to share personal experiences and memories have made this project possible.

Author & Executive Producer

Andrea Fernandes, NSW Migration Heritage Centre (MHC)

Project management, research, copywriting and editing

Andrea Fernandes, MHC

Web design and production

Annette Loudon, MHC incorporating web banner images by Andrea Fernandes, istockphoto, Stephen Thompson and the United Nations.

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Project co-ordination

Tracy Goulding, MHC

      With thanks to:

Claire Farrugia, PhD Candidate, Macquarie University

Jean-Francois Lanzarone, Powerhouse Museum

Tiffany Lee-Shoy, Senior Cultural Planner, Fairfield City Council and Member, MHC Panel of Advisors

Rita Orsini, Powerhouse Museum

John Petersen, MHC

Mina Roces, Professor, School of History and Philosophy, University of New South Wales and Member, MHC Panel of Advisors

Meredith Walker, Heritage Futures

Kylie Winkworth, Member, MHC Panel of Advisors

Bunheang Ung

The Migration Heritage Centre at the Powerhouse Museum is a NSW Government initiative supported by the Community Relations Commission for a multicultural NSW.

The memories in Moving have been contributed by members of the public, including community leaders. The views expressed are theirs, and unless specifically stated, are not those of the NSW Migration Heritage Centre.

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