1900 Jindera Timber Jinker

The jinker is historically significant as a tangible link to the early timber clearing and milling activities undertaken by German migrant communities in the Currawarna/Berry Jerry area of the Riverina.
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1880 Jindera Brass Tenor Horn

Discover the tenor horn used in the German Brass Band at Jindera NSW between 1880 and 1910. The Jindera Brass Band tenor horn is associated with the second phase of German settlement in the Riverina. Continue reading

1914-1915 Trial Bay Gaol Internees Collection

The Trial Bay Internees Collection interprets the story and provides evidence of the experience of the German internee’s life at Trial Bay, the attitudes of the German internees to the war and internment and their relationships to other German communities in NSW both interred and free.
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1916 Berrima D.A.D.G. Banner

Discover the banner made by German crews of ships belonging to the German-Australian Line, Deutsch Australische Dampfschiffs Gesellschaft (known by the initials D.A.D.G) who where interred at Berrima Gaol between 1915 -1918. Continue reading

1916 Trial Bay Fokker Eindecker Model

The Eindecker model has aesthetic significance and reinforces the fact that the internee community, which was educated and cultured, included wealthy industrialists, doctors, academics, publishers, professionals and entrepreneurs.
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