Sudanese Stories

An oral history project recording the migration journeys and settlement experiences of southern Sudanese refugees now living in Blacktown, Western Sydney.

Abour (Grace) Jook
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Edward Massimino
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Mary Bior
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The Blacktown area has become home for migrants from Sudan; many are newly-arrived refugees from the country’s war-torn southern region. This is their story.

While the Sudanese people now living in Blacktown survived, about two million from their nation died in the turmoil and four million were displaced.

Here you can see and hear, in the community’s own words, how people escaped and lived, often for many years, in refugee camps. This online exhibition is a celebration of their spirit and resilience in their new home.

We thank the participants and their extended family – the Sudanese community of Blacktown – who have shared their memories and connections to make this exhibition possible.

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