"My mother gave me a set of suitcases before I left. I had six and they all fitted one inside the other. I’ve got two left."
Helen Sowada

Meet Helen Sowada and see the koala bear her husband gave her as a leaving gift as he left to work in the Snowy Mountains in 1957. Continue reading

"They're for competitions. I know the blue one is supposed to be first [prize]. They had a pony club in Molong so it was a good way of getting out from things you had to do [at Fairbridge Farm]."
Jan Barby

Meet Jan Barby and see the horse-riding ribbons she won as a child migrant at Fairbridge Farm School, Molong in the 1960s. Continue reading

"At Fairbridge Farm, the children just had stainless steel plates but staff had china [with] the Fairbridge emblem stamped on them. When the farm closed down in '74, [they] were auctioned."
Eddie Baker

Meet Eddie Baker and see his letter from the British Royal family in 1937, accepting he be named after the Duke of Windsor. Continue reading