The Camp Committee

Like Trial Bay and Berrima the Australian Army managed the operation and functions of the Holsworthy Camp. The internal policing, educational, cultural and social activities were left largely to the Camp Committee made up from the internee population. Like Trial Bay and Berrima the Committee dealt with the organisation of the camp in liaison with the camp Commandant.

Gymnastics, wrestling, football, swimming and athletics were organised to promote health and fitness. Work parties cleared and prepared the sporting areas and vegetable gardens.

Funding for theatre, arts and publications came from the camp canteen and café which was managed as a commercial enterprise. The internees ran it to trade German delicacies from Sydney. This enabled the purchase of vegetable seeds; materials for the theatre; buying instruments for the camp orchestra and purchasing materials for the arts and competition held regularly in the camp. Funds were also used to employ internees who received no wages from their companies or families.

All profits from the canteen were returned to the internees either through the Camp Committee to be used for general camp purposes or distributed in the form of a cash bonus to each internee.

Education classes were established. English was popular as all letters sent out of the camp had to be written in English. Other classes included theatre, music, carpentry, joinery, shorthand, photography, sketching and painting.