Sharing the Lode: The Broken Hill Migrant Story

We had accommodation with the Buskariols for a couple of years, then we built our house next door. - Luka Oreb


Many arrived and knew no-one. We were apprehensive, lonely and confused in a land about which we knew so little. Some were greeted by family and friends. We shared tears, laughter and a wonderful sense of relief that we had finally arrived.

Carlo still tells me that he arrived in November, and that first Christmas he cried like a baby and if he'd had the money he would have gone home.
Filomena Tormena

Spiros was waiting for me. I felt relieved in a way, that I had come and that there was someone waiting for me.
Vasiliki (Vickie) Niarros

It really breaks my heart when I think of it: mum and dad seated at this little kitchen table in a little two-bedroom house that the farmer had built for us. They talked about Italy and about what they had left behind, then they'd cry. They would both just sit there and cry!
Vita la Rovere

I was on the ship for four weeks. I travelled with other people on the boat and we docked in Adelaide on the 12th February 1936. My friends saw my future husband from the deck before they got off and were saying "That's him! What do you think?"
Kata Andrich

It struck me in the morning when I woke up to the sound of the crows outside the window. All I could see was sand and saltbush and next door was a yard full of old cars and rubbish. I sat down and I cried. I thought about the mountains and views from my bedroom window (in Italy).
Filomena Tormena

I do remember dad telling me that when he came to Australia, he had to get on a bus from Melbourne to Mildura to Broken Hill.
Anna Murphy

I ordered a cheese sandwich and they brought out Kraft cheese in white bread something that didn't resemble anything like the bread and cheese I was used to! It was quite a shock to me.
Elsa Kanck

It was very hard. I cried all day for eight months. I wanted to go back to Italy but we couldn't afford it.
Caterina Barzelatto

I was really disappointed when I reached Fremantle. I liked the area but I couldn't understand anything. Then, as I was walking down the street, a child ran away from his mother and he crossed the footpath and he fell down. Blood was coming out from both knees and he started crying. "Aaah!" I said, "I'm happy now because they cry the same as what they cry in Italy." I was happy after that!
Italo Dall'Armi

We stayed in Sydney for one week when I first arrived in Australia and I enjoyed Sydney. I was really impressed and I thought Broken Hill would be the same too because I was told, Broken Hill was a city.
Merita Nicholas

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My parents and friends from Blato met me at the airport. It was the first time I had seen my father for twenty six years. - Ante Zaknich

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Paul Zammit and son: new arrivals

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We had accommodation with the Buskariols for a couple of years, then we built our house next door. - Luka Oreb

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Giuseppe Franze