Sharing the Lode: The Broken Hill Migrant Story

Vic Viskovich, Broken Hill South Ltd 1935

Why Broken Hill?

We chose Broken Hill because there was work available on the mines; we brought our families out to join us and helped them become part of the Broken Hill community.

Carlo still tells me that he arrived in November, and that first Christmas he cried like a baby and if he'd had the money he would have gone home.
Filomena Tormena

I decided to come to Broken Hill because I had a friend there. I stayed with him one night. He introduced me to an Italian, Mr Ottowa, who offered me a job in Wilcannia.
Luigi Zanette

We spent four years in the Arabian Desert in that place called Sinai. Our daughter, Sinai, was born during that time and named accordingly. After four years, the Great Britain government paid the travelling expenses for us to come to Broken Hill. We came to this country to start a new life.
Luka Oreb

It was really diffcult in Malta. I had an uncle who had migrated to Broken Hill fifty years previously. He was really happy, so when I was seventeen I decided to leave Malta and join him in Broken Hill.
Rosina (Rose) Micallef

We came to Broken Hill to see my step-father's friend Tony Dunkiert and his wife Anna. They had met in the army in Germany. You had to have a guarantor for somewhere to live and somewhere to work. My uncle's friend was guarantor for all three of us.
Karl Karthauser

Three of dad's brothers and his brother-in-law emigrated to Australia and worked in the mines at Broken Hill. Two of the brothers returned to Italy in 1926 and dad decided that he too would emigrate to Australia and go to Broken Hill.
Noris Braes

My father was a farmer whose crops failed, so when Franko Farcich suggested he join him in Broken Hill, my dad saw this as an opportunity to provide for his family.
Ivan Vlatko

I came to Broken Hill because my dad was living there. I had never seen him. The first time I saw my dad I was twenty two and a half years old and I felt I had come home.
Ivan Vlatko

When I married Ivan in 1957, I knew his wish was to join his father in Broken Hill. I was sad to leave my family, but I was happy to be joining my husband.
Jagoda Vlatko

Spiros was so lonely his mother told him she would send him a good girl from Greece. They spoke to my father and he asked me if I wanted to go to Australia.
Vasiliki (Vickie) Niarros

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My father, Camillo, first came out to Broken Hill in about 1920. He returned to Italy until after the children were born. He came back to Australia in about 1927 because there was not enough work in Italy to feed everyone. - Dina Spagnol

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Many migrants left the cane fields in Queensland to come to Broken Hill. - Olga De Franceschi

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My parents, Ante and Manda (Begovich) Ravlich were immigrants from the village of Korzica in Dalmatia, the former Yugoslavia. My mother was one of the first women from the former Yugoslavia to settle in Broken Hill. - Millie Alagich