Sharing the Lode: The Broken Hill Migrant Story

Panoramic view of Broken Hill: photo by Boris Hlavica, 2005

Our Home

We chose Broken Hill as our home. Our children were born here. Our parents are buried here. We are where we belong.

I don't think we would have settled as well in any other Australian town. I don't think you could meet better people than Broken Hill people.
Ivan Vlatko

I like it here now. I like the quiet existence; slow pace of life.
Merita Nicholas

I feel Broken Hill is my birth city because I lived there for twenty three years and I was happy. I went there when I was young and three of our four kids were born there. I feel like it is my home.
Jagoda Vlatko

I'm settled in Broken Hill now and I am really glad that I live here. It is where I fit in, where I belong. The people have made a difference.
Adelaide De Main

I wouldn't choose to live anywhere else. I wouldn't say we're the prettiest town in Australia but the way of life is simple and the people are so friendly. You are never lonely in Broken Hill.
Jenny Cattonar

I love Broken Hill. I could retire tomorrow and live in my units in Manly but I love Broken Hill. It has been good to me.
Rudolph Alagich OAM

Whenever I see anything about Australia, I cry; more than I do for Greece.
Vasiliki (Vickie) Niarros

I realised I didn't want to leave here. My home may not be as beautiful as other homes but to me it is beautiful.
Dina Spagnol

Broken Hill has given me forty seven years. My family's here. My life is here. That's it isn't it? It says everything. If I didn't like it I would have left a long time ago.
Lorenzo Cester

So Biagio and Carlottina came to Broken Hill, settled there and continued to live there all their lives. They are also buried there, and are quite a memorial to the pioneer Italian migrant. I feel proud of them for what they gave to this country and I am proud to be an Australian.
Clara Dal Santo

When you have lived to eighty there are not many left around you. I do get lonely but as long as I can look after myself I will stay here. I love this house, we built it ourselves!
Dagmar Kanck

When I drive from Melbourne to Broken Hill, the car knows its way - even the car loves Broken Hill! It is the best place in Australia for me. I can't speak for other people.
Spiros Niarros

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De Franceschi Brothers went our separate ways in 1987. My sons and I became De Franceschi and Sons. - John De Franceschi

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Line of the Lode Information Centre, built in 2000 by De Franceschi and Sons

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Kolinac's store opened in 1957