Tarsilla: "I made them and brought them with me in case I had the opportunity to work in that area in Australia. They gave me the courage to come to Australia."
Joe & Tarsilla Cunial

Meet Tarsilla Cunial and see her dress design books from Italy. They were brought over for potential work opportunities and gave her the courage to come to Australia. Continue reading

"The house [at Corbie Hill] didn’t have electricity, a bathroom or hot running water. I used this big pasta saucepan from Italy to boil water to bath the kids. It turned out to be the best thing I could have bought. I lost the handles because I used it so much, so I found some wire and made some handles myself. "
Domenica Artese

Meet Domenica Artese and see the pasta saucepan from Italy she used to make bathwater for her kids when they arrived in Australia in 1955. Continue reading

"This letter is from the Dutch Maritime Agency saying that I always performed my duties to their full satisfaction. They really loved me and I loved them. They were wonderful people."
Franca Arena AM

Meet Franca Arena and see her letter from an Australian official in 1959. Franca was asked to give English lessons to Italian passengers on her boat to Australia. Continue reading