Fairbridge Farm School


The NSW Migration Heritage Centre is forming a collaborative project with the Orange City Council, the co-ordinator of the Blayney Cabonne Orange Regional Sustainable Collections Project, to employ a local historian to undertake oral history research with Molong residents about their recollections of child migrants from the Fairbridge Farm School, Molong. The project will produce four new exhibition panels about the Fairbridge Farm School, Molong for installation at the Molong Historical Society.

The Fairbridge Farm School, Molong exhibition will place the objects held in the Molong Historical Society collection which are associated with the Fairbridge Farm School in their historic context.

 It will comprise 4 panels on the following themes:

 - Overview of child migration to Australia

 - The Fairbridge scheme

-  Life at Fairbridge farm

- Institution’s links to the town of Molong.