Tracking The Dragon Primary And Secondary Education Kits

The kits explore the history of Chinese people in the Riverina and support the ‘Tracking The Dragon’ online exhibition about Chinese-Australians from 1850 to present. For Stages 2 and 3 including Chinese, Creative Arts, English, HSIE and Mathematics; and Chinese, Drama, English, History, Society and Culture and Visual Arts.

Museum of the Riverina and NSW Migration Heritage Centre online resources and exhibition in association with the Chinese-Australian Historical Society.

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Case of the [Enemy Aliens] Secondary Education Kit

Based on the idea of the historian as detective, this program focuses on the art and strategy of critical thinking and creative questioning. It is inspired by the award winning online exhibition ‘The Enemy At Home’ about World War One German-Australian internees. For Stages 4 and 5 History.

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Ties With Tradition: Macedonian Apron Designs Workbook

This workbook explores the award winning ‘Ties With Tradition’ online exhibition showcasing over 40 Macedonian aprons from the Illawarra. Includes Geography and History questions, an information gathering spreadsheet, mind-mapping, create your design and a film making project.

A Macedonian Welfare Association, Port Kembla and NSW Migration Heritage Centre resource and online exhibition.
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Australian Migration History Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets to explore important chapters, places and events in Australian migration history supporting the award winning online exhibition ‘Objects Through Time’.

A NSW Migration Heritage Centre resource and online exhibition.

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Making Multicultural Australia Educational Resource

Teaching resources and strategies to understand cultural diversity and tolerance. More than 3500 pages of articles, research, teacher guides, lesson plans, audio interviews, video clips and Australian multicultural artworks.

Supported by the Community Relations Commission for a Multicultural NSW and the NSW Migration Heritage Centre.

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NSW Migration Heritage Centre Online Teachers’ Notes

Suggested NSW Migration Heritage Centre online exhibitions for HSIE (Years 3–6), History (Years 7–10), Geography (Years 7–10) and English (Years 7–10).

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Red And Gold Chinatown School Excursion

Students experience the changing fortunes of Sydney’s Chinese community as they compare turn of the 20th century life to that today. For Years 7-11 History and Geography.

A Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority excursion supported by the NSW Migration Heritage Centre and Sydney Learning Adventures.

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