Canberra design competition submission by Walter Burley Griffin drawn on the Commonwealth contour map, c.1911. Courtesy National Archives of Australia
1911 Walter Burley Griffin’s design for Australia’s Capital

In 1911 Prime Minister Andrew Fischer launched a competition for a design of Australia’s capital city. One hundred and thirty seven entries came from all over the world. The prize was awarded to an American couple from Chicago, Walter Burley and Marion Mahony Griffin. The Griffins had not been to Australia but based their design on maps and topographic and weather information of the site. Continue reading

1901 Immigration Restriction Act

This document has historic value because it has direct links with Federation and the drafting of the first Australian Constitution that put in place the law that was the cornerstone of Australia’s ‘White Australia’ policy. Continue reading

1920 White Australia Game

The game has historic value as evidence of the prevailing view in the early 20th century of Australia’s ethnic purity and the desire to restrict Asians and Pacific Islanders from migrating there. Continue reading