Apron woven 1990, Mislesevo, Struga Apron woven 1960s, Mislesevo, Struga Apron woven 1954, Trebenista, Ohrid

Striped keepsake

aprons from the region of Ohrid

"Aprons were made to keep the traditional heritage."
–Radmila Karamacoska
Some special occasion aprons were decorated with handmade pompoms, and lace and sequins bought from passing traders. By the 1960s and '70s, as they became less a part of daily dress, elaborate aprons were woven as mementos to keep the tradition alive for future generations.

Apron woven 1960s, Trebenista, Ohrid Apron purchased 1979, Vevcani, Debar/Struga Apron woven 1970s, Mislesevo, Struga