Apron woven 1948, Velusina, Bitola Apron woven 1940s, Velusina, Bitola Apron woven 1950s, Logovardi, Bitola

Dark special occasion

aprons from the region of Bitola

"When you marry you wear what you made for your dowry, after this you have to follow what your father-in-law says and probably work in the fields. No time for making aprons."
–Menka Karanfilovska
Apron designs were handed down through generations of Macedonian women, with each village and region using distinctive patterns and colours. A young woman preparing for marriage would spend many months making aprons for her dowry.

Apron woven before 1940, Lavci, Bitola Apron woven 1957, Logovardi, Bitola Apron woven 1948, Velusina, Bitola