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Established: 2002

Location: 55 Speed Street, Liverpool

Al Amanah College was founded in 1998 at Bankstown by the Islamic Charity Project Association but soon became independent. This Al Amanah branch at Liverpool opened in 2002. Combining primary and secondary schooling, it has almost reached capacity with nearly six hundred students. Students come not only from Liverpool but across a wide area from Campbelltown to Bankstown, Parramatta and Auburn.

The school provides education as it says, ’with neither exaggeration or neglect’. Teaching is bilingual in English and Arabic. The school community also promotes the study of Arabic in free language classes for non-Arabic speaking people, as well as Saturday language schools at Guildford, Canterbury, Bankstown and Liverpool for children of Arabic speaking background.

Based on the religion of Islam, the school aims to offer a truly liberal education which promotes discussion and understanding of Islamic and Australian cultures and communities, avoiding extremist attitudes. It fosters communication between the pupils and the community to further mutual respect. Pupils from many cultures are welcomed including Arabic-speaking communities and the Afghanistani, Bosnian, Indian, and wider Australian community too.

Al Amanah actively involves itself in the community. It operates like other public schools in New South Wales, fundraising, supporting local community services and environmental activities.

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