Presented in partnership with the Powerhouse Museum, Co.As.It and the NSW Migration Heritage Centre, this exhibition presents a selection of 24 historical photographs documenting Italian migration and Italian life in NSW from the late nineteenth century to the present.


The Italian born population is ageing rapidly. The migrants who were in their twenties and thirties in the 1950s are now in their seventies and eighties. There is only a trickle of Italians now migrating to Australia, and they do so out of choice, rather than necessity. Currently, over 800,000 Australians can claim some Italian heritage.

With the advent of multiculturalism, second and third generations are embracing and celebrating their Italian identity. Members of the Italian-Australian community have become leaders in sectors such as the Arts, Construction, Design, Fashion, Health, Sport and Politics.

“Journey to a New Life” is a tribute to all the Italian migrants who left their home in search of a better life…