1920 Kankles Zither

The zither has historic significance as evidence of post World War 2 refugee migration to Australia and the traumatic experience of dislocation and separation from family. Continue reading

1930 Griffith Home Wares Collection

The bedroom chest and kitchen knives are examples of craft improvised in Australia by Italian men. It is significant to Italian families as evidence and a reminder of hard times as Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area pioneers. Continue reading

1932 Starvation Debenture

By 1929 the world economy began to slow. Rural product prices were falling and farmers found it hard to sell their produce overseas. In the cities, businesses found it harder… Continue reading

1920 White Australia Game

The game has historic value as evidence of the prevailing view in the early 20th century of Australia’s ethnic purity and the desire to restrict Asians and Pacific Islanders from migrating there. Continue reading