1879 Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie Letter

Discover Ned Kelly’s Jerilderie letter of 1879 that passionately articulates his pleas of innocence and desire for justice for both his family and the poor Irish selectors of Victoria’s north-east. The Jerilderie letter brings Ned Kelly’s distinctive voice to life, and offers readers a unique insight into the man behind the legend. Continue reading

1860 Wagga Wagga Chinese Opium Pipe

Discover a typical opium pipe used by nineteenth century Chinese miners that is a part of a series of regional collections integral to the story of the Chinese on the goldfields and the establishment of regional Chinese communities. Continue reading

Gold Mining Licence c.1853
1853 Gold Mining Licence

Discover the Gold Miner’s Licence from the 1850s. Miner’s licences were hated by the diggers and this with other antagonisms with the government and police led to the famous Eureka Rebellion of 1854. Continue reading

1840 Liverpool Scar Tree

Discover the Liverpool Scar Tree. There are many Aboriginal scar trees surviving. Most of them are in the rural areas surrounding the city and suburbs, but many still exist in urban areas. Continue reading